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Facing the Realities of Retirement Head-On

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

RL182 — Facing the Realities of Retirement Head-On

In this episode of the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani, Erik Olson, and Adrian Nicholson break down the new realities of retirement. They cover the most overlooked spending categories, what you need to retire comfortably, and whether we're in a retirement crisis.

[00:00] Introduction

[01:04] Are We In a Retirement Crisis?

[03:17] Consumer Finances For the Average American

[06:25] Know Your Number and What You Need to Retire

[10:02] The Value of Good Planning For Retirement

[14:40] 5 Catch phrases on How to Take Control of Your Retirement

[19:52] The Power of Gratitude

[22:01] Learning to Let Go

[25:05] Easily Overlooked Categories of Spending

[29:45] Breaking Down People's Healthcare Expenses

[33:20] What You Need to Retire Comfortably

[36:35] Parting Thoughts

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Full Show Notes:

Are We In a Retirement Crisis?

Schwab recently conducted the Modern Retirement Survey to understand the future of retirement better. In that study, the average person thought they needed $1.8 million to retire. And 86% of people said they were very likely to achieve that goal. However, the concern is that the average 401K balance of Americans is $27,000. The average 401K balance of a 55 to 64-year-old is $47,000. So the big question is, will people be able to retire? Roshan believes the Retirement crisis is very real. The average American needs a lot more money than they think to retire comfortably. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people have very little in savings. So to counter this, you need to know your number. Create a retirement plan and determine where you are currently, what you need to adjust, and how to close the gap.

All opinions expressed by podcast hosts and guests are solely their own. While based on information that they believe is reliable, neither Arete Wealth nor its affiliates warrant its completeness or accuracy, nor do their opinions reflect the opinion of Arete Wealth. This podcast is for general informational purposes only, and should not be regarded as specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Before making any decisions, consult a professional.

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