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The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence Investing

RL202 — The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence Investing

In this episode, the hosts delve into investment opportunities within the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. They explore AI's value chain, spanning infrastructure, cloud services, and applications. Comparisons to the dot-com boom are drawn, along with considerations regarding a potential AI bubble. The conversation highlights research areas such as chip manufacturers, software companies, robotics, and unexpected sectors like coal. Scalability, technology trustworthiness, and AI's societal implications are emphasized throughout.


00:00 Introduction and Disclaimer

06:52 Scalability and Trust in AI

27:45 The Role of Robotics in AI

39:18 The Importance of Trust in

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Opportunities in the AI space exist in various areas, including chip makers, software firms, robotics, and even coal.

The value chain of AI includes infrastructure, cloud, and AI applications, each offering potential investment ideas.

Comparisons to the dot-com boom suggest that while there may be a bubble forming in the AI space, it is not at the same level as the dot-com bubble.

Scalability and trust in the technology are important factors to consider when investing in AI.

AI has the potential to impact various industries, such as healthcare, finance, logistics, and supply chain, and can improve everyday life through home automation, safety monitoring, and assistive

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