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Wellness During the Holidays with Jill Daniels Myers

RL091 – Wellness during the Holidays with Jill Daniels Myers

Today on the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani, Erik Olson, and Adrian Nicholson welcome back Jill Daniels Myers, an integrative nutrition health and wellness coach. They talk about staying healthy during the holiday, mindful spending, and explain why health is more than just losing weight.

[01:05] Why Preparing for the Holidays is Extremely Important

[03:40] Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

[11:00] How and Why you Should Avoid Processed Sugar During the Holidays

[19:50] A Mindful Approach to Spending During the Holidays

[27:57] How to Handle the Social and Emotional Aspects of the Festive Season

[31:10] Why you Need to Start Volunteering During this Time of Year

[37:18] Factors that Contribute to a Happy Healthy Person

[40:30] Why Health and Wellness is More than Just Losing Weight

[43:30] Parting Thoughts

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Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching, which means most of us are already planning how we’ll spend time with loved ones. First of all, there are thousands of things to love about the holiday season. Yet, for the most part, preparing and eating large amounts of food plus spending time with friends and loved ones are what most people look forward to. Spending time with friends and family is good, but it’s the eating part that’s kind of an issue. The same food that makes the holidays so enjoyable can also be detrimental to your health and wellness.

So, how can you stay healthy during the holidays? It all starts with watching what you eat and how much you eat. Go in with the mindset that you’re not going to eat till you’re full. You’re going to eat just enough. And that involves not sampling everything at the buffet and avoiding the more unhealthy options. Remember, the holidays do not have to be a vacation from healthy living.

A Mindful Approach to Spending During the Holidays

We all look forward to the holidays because of all the fun we get to enjoy. However, for many people, it’s also the most stressful time of the year. There is this irresistible urge to keep on spending on things you don’t even need or expensive gifts for your family and friends. The fact that everywhere you look there is another opportunity to spend adds to the already built-up emotional turmoil that most of us experience.

Note that spending with reckless abandon during the festivities might mean you start the new year in a hole. The new year is meant for brand new starts. And if your credit card bill on January 1st is a little too big to handle, your fresh start will have to wait.

Nonetheless, we believe you don’t have to give up all your fun just because you’re on a budget. You can have your cake and eat it too. You just have to do it within your means.

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