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Trimming the Budget Fat: 13 Tips for Success

RL167 — Trimming the Budget Fat: 13 Tips for Success

In this episode of the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Erik Olson and Adrian Nicholson break down 13 money hacks to help you trim the fat from your budget and save more money. They cover topics like when to consider buying generic products, how to reduce your energy bill, and why you should consider cooking your own meals instead of dining out.

[00:00] Introduction

[02:45] Why Cutting Down Fat in Your Budget is Important

[04:30] Credit Card Debt and High-Interest Rates

[08:50] Have a Shopping List and Stick to it

[10:30] Consider Buying Generic Products

[11:57] Reduce the Number of Times You Dine Out

[15:08] Find and Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

[17:05] Reduce Your Energy Bill

[18:36] Cut Transportation Costs

[24:49] Learning to Avoid ATM Fees

[26:47] Using Cash Instead of Credit Cards

[29:37] Buy During Sales or Events

[30:54] Rent or Borrow Items

[32:40] Consider Switching to a More Affordable Cell phone

[37:43] Reduce Entertainment Costs

[38:41] Save Money When Travelling

[41:53] Parting Thoughts

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