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The Essential Component for Planning Your Retirement Explained

RL184 – The Essential Component for Planning Your Retirement Explained

In this episode of the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani and Adrian Nicholson discuss the most essential component of retirement planning. They cover the benefits of planning for retirement, the average life expectancy in the US, and how to ensure you don't outlive your money in retirement.

[00:00] Introduction

[01:21] Life Expectancy in Retirement Planning

[02:47] Quiz on the Average Life Expectancy in the US

[06:23] What is Longevity Literacy?

[07:56] You Cannot Plan Without a Goal

[09:40] Know Retirement Information in Advance

[13:39] Preparing For the Later Stages of Your Life

[14:56] Healthcare - The Big Retirement Expense

[18:10] The Biggest Driver of Retirement Spending

[19:19] The Benefits of Planning Your Retirement

[21:25] The Longevity Illustrator

[25:12] Parting Thoughts

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The Longevity Question in Retirement

As shocking as it may sound, most Americans don't have an active retirement plan. It's even more depressing when you realize that a significant portion of the population is clueless about how long they are likely to live. According to Adrian, knowing your average life expectancy can help you understand how much you would need to retire comfortably. This could also give you an idea of the length of time for which you should prepare financially and mentally.

When planning for longevity, understand that the longer you live, the more money you need and the more years your retirement savings need to cover. This explains why Roshan believes we must reframe how we answer the retirement question. Rather than approaching it from a savings perspective, focus on how long you expect to live and whether your retirement funds will last the rest of your life.

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