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Review My Portfolio

RL147 — Review My Portfolio

on the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani, Erik Olson, and Adrian Nicholson perform an honest on-air critique of one of the listener's portfolio. They break down what the client did right, the changes he should make, and the major transitions he should consider to safeguard his retirement.

[00:00] Introduction

[01:16] Introducing Today's Client Portfolio

[04:26] What's in This Client's Portfolio

[06:55] The Risk of Being forced to Sell in a Down Market

[09:34] Investment Risk is Never Stagnant

[13:45] Large-Cap vs Small-Cap Stocks in This Client's Portfolio

[16:40] How to Effectively Hedge Your Portfolio

[19:41] Tools to Use When Assessing a Person's Portfolio

[23:19] How to Invest in the Profitability or Quality Factor

[25:00] What is a Covered Call and How Does it Work?

[27:20] Taxation Issues You Must Consider When Investing

[30:10] General Review of This Client's Portfolio

[31:48] Why It's Evident That the Client Has a Lot of Confidence in Himself

[33:10] Parting Thoughts

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Roshan Loungani can be reached at or at 202-536-4468.

Erik Olson can be reached at or 815-940-4652.

Adrian Nicholson can be reached at or at 703-915-8905.

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Full Show Notes:

Client's Portfolio Critique

Ever wondered how your portfolio would hold up under the scrutiny of professional money managers? Well, one brave listener asked whether it would be possible to give his self-managed portfolio a careful on-air critique. Today we give our unbiased critique of that portfolio and how the big life transitions facing this client in the next few years will influence his decision-making.

It is so important to always understand that the markets reward investors for taking on inherent risks and volatility over longer periods of time. So, the focus for you as an investor needs to be long-term. Your emotional reactions to current events should never affect your portfolio or how you make decisions. Remember, today's investment world is dynamic and complex, challenging even the more experienced investors. This is why it's extremely important to keep your target in sight and stay the course regardless of how the markets behave.

All opinions expressed by podcast hosts and guests are solely their own. While based on information that they believe is reliable, neither Arete Wealth nor its affiliates warrant its completeness or accuracy, nor do their opinions reflect the opinion of Arete Wealth. This podcast is for general informational purposes only, and should not be regarded as specific advice or recommendations for any individual. Before making any decisions, consult a professional.

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