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Investing aligned with your values

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

RL056 – Retirement Lifestyle: Investing aligned with your values

This episode of the Retirement Lifestyle Show focuses on sustainable investing. What is sustainable investing? How can you incorporate it into your portfolio? These are among the topics and more that we discuss to see how investing along with your values can fit into your financial future.

[04:55] EGS as a Subset of Value-Based Investing

[09:10] Components of EGS Investing

[13:24] How to Implement EGS investing

[17:30] Risk Versus Returns

[28:39] Practical Examples of how Sustainable Investing Affects our Communities.

[33:18] Investment opportunities in the EGS Space

[41:50] How Tech Firms Perform in the EGS Space

[45:55] Impact Versions of Private Investments

Roshan Loungani can be reached at or at 202-536-4468.

Erik Olson can be reached at or 815-940-4652.

Adrian Nicholson can be reached at or at 703-915-8905.

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