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From Success to Significance with Sunshine Nut Co. Don Larson

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

RL101 – From Success to Significance with Sunshine Nut Co. Don Larson

Today on the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani, Erik Olson, and Adrian Nicholson talk to Don Larson, Founder & CEO of the Sunshine Nut Company and author of The Sunshine Approach. They discuss the Sunshine Approach, the essence of having a sustainable social mission, self-reflection, and finding your life's purpose.

[04:24] Getting to Know Donald Larson and His Journey to Africa

[14:00] Self Reflection and Finding Your Purpose in Life

[18:30] Passion and Faith-Fueled Adventure

[20:50] The Sunshine Nut Company Backstory

[30:50] A Transformational Approach to Uplifting Communities

[35:11] Donald's Process for Labor-Intensive Factories

[39:17] How to Build High-Performing Teams

[42:45] How Donald Funded Sunshine Nut Co

[45:00] Donald's Reveals How His Corporate Career Became Unfulfilling

[51:15] Donald's Brush with Armed Thugs

[59:20] The Essence of Having a Sustainable Charity Model

[01:09:39] Parting Thoughts

Check out the Sunshine Nut Company Website and the company’s YouTube channel

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Erik Olson can be reached at or 815-940-4652.

Adrian Nicholson can be reached at or at 703-915-8905.

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The Sunshine Nut Company Backstory

Who in their right mind would abandon a lucrative 25-year career, sell everything, and move to one of the poorest countries in the world? Well, our guest for today, Donald Larson, did just that. Donald gave it all up in 2011 and moved his family to Mozambique to start Sunshine Nut Co, where they donate 90% of their profits to making Mozambique a better place.

It all started when Donald was Director of Cocoa operations at Hershey and witnessed the effects of poverty and lack of opportunity when traveling to developing nations sourcing for cocoa. Donald had spent all his adult life fixing problems in the companies he worked for, and fixing the poverty issue in a community felt like an impossible task. But God kept talking to him, and through prayer and solitude, he eventually came up with the Sunshine Approach Business Model, which aims to transform lives at every business level. The abundance of cashews in Mozambique meant that his model could work and that marked the start of a grand adventure.

Self Reflection and Finding Your Purpose in Life

For most people, the combination of a loving family, a successful career, and a solid social network is likely the recipe for a perfect life. Unfortunately, life is more than those three things, and some people who check each of those boxes sometimes still feel like something is missing— a purpose in life. Finding your purpose has been so overused that it's almost a cliche. But when you look at it, having a purpose is actually a tool for a better, happier, healthier life that too few people attempt to use.

But how can you go about finding purpose if it's not so obvious to you? Do you simply try to develop it naturally over the course of a lifetime? Or are there steps you can take that will take you closer and closer each passing day? Donald explains that finding purpose is one of the hardest things an individual can do. Some people find it through hardship but rarely is it a straight path. The good news is it can be done as long as there's education, experience, self-reflection, and encouragement by close friends and family.

Check out the Sunshine Nut Company Website and the company’s YouTube channel

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