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Exploring the Role of Venture Capital in Impact Investing - Wesley Lyons

RL162 — Exploring the Role of Venture Capital in Impact Investing with Wesley Lyons

In this episode of the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani, Erik Olson, and Adrian Nicholson welcome Wesley Lyons to the podcast. Wes is a Co-Founder and General Partner of two faith-based private equity funds: WayMaker Real Estate, a Christ-centered multi-family real estate investment fund, and Eagle Venture Fund, investing in early-stage companies solving tough problems like modern-day slavery and healthcare for the poor through software and financial technology. Wes has a background in wealth management and founded, a platform to help investors connect with advisors who specialize in faith-based investing. Full Episode Notes:

[00:00] Introduction

[02:33] Eagle Venture Fund and What They Focus on

[04:10] The Holy Grail of an Investment Portfolio

[08:23] Wesley's Background and Journey to Venture Capital

[12:15] Examples of Great Impact Investing Efforts

[14:28] How the US Indirectly Funds Human Trafficking

[17:10] Why Wesley Chose to Focus on Impact Investing

[19:59] Understanding the True Purpose of Business

[21:29] How to Uncover the Best Companies to Invest in

[23:50] Balancing Great Profit with Great Impact

[29:20] Impact Investing and the Redemptive Outcomes They Produce

[34:50] Investing in Values-Drives Founders

[39:02] Common Challenges with Impact Investing

[42:10] Eagle Venture University and What They Are All About

[44:00] How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

[46:04] The First Step to Investing in Venture Capital

[52:40] It's Tough to Be a Founder: The Founder Care Process

[56:25] Choosing to Invest in Transformational Companies

[59:55] Parting Thoughts

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Full Show Notes:

The Holy Grail of an Investment Portfolio

Is it possible to have the holy grail of an investment portfolio? Well, according to Wesley Lyons, it's possible. In fact, we've had the knowledge to do so for thousands of years. One of the wisest men in the history of mankind, King Solomon, talked about the idea that six or seven risks are the ideal way to expose an investment portfolio. This goes against the default on Wall Street, where they recommend building a portfolio around two risks: stocks and bonds. Wesley believes having at least six uncorrelated assets in your portfolio helps mitigate downsides and risks while consistently achieving great returns. And there is no better way to do that than by focusing on impact investing.

Understanding the True Purpose of Business

What is the true purpose of business? If you're like most people, you may think that business is all about profit or that business owners are greedy and would do anything to make money. To an extent, you may be correct to assume that. But at its core, a business's purpose is not to make money. The purpose of business is to solve problems and express creativity - and the fruit of that is that you make money. Recently, we've seen companies talk about ethics and making a mark on the world. However, they've held on to the same belief that the purpose of business is to make money, but let's do it ethically. Wesley and his team believe the purpose of business is to solve the world's biggest problems; the fruit of that is that you make money. Not the other way around.

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