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Best Password Manager

Updated: May 5, 2022

RL114 - Best Password Manager

On the Retirement Lifestyle Show, Roshan Loungani, Erik Olson, and Adrian Nicholson break down some of the leading password managers and explain why it might be a good idea to have a password manager. They talk about the reasons why most people don't have a password manager, the risks of reusing similar passwords, and the best password managers for business or family use.

[04:30] How to Hack-Proof Your Passwords

[06:40] Top Brands in the Password Manager Space

[10:23] The Best Password Managers For Businesses

[12:00] Key Features of the Keeper Software Manager

[13:15] Why Roshan Settled on LastPass Password Manager

[15:55] The Reason Why Most People Don't Have a Password Manager

[18:27] The Risks Associated with Weak Passwords

[21:00] How to Save Your Passwords Automatically

[22:51] Password Managers, Browser Extensions, and VPN Use

[30:10] Understanding the Google Authentication Tool

[32:03] The Trusted Contacts and Family Feature

[38:15] Parting Thoughts

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Roshan Loungani can be reached at or at 202-536-4468.

Erik Olson can be reached at or 815-940-4652.

Adrian Nicholson can be reached at or at 703-915-8905.

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How to Hack-Proof Your Passwords

A recent Google survey revealed that at least 50% of people reuse the same password for multiple accounts. So the question is, why would someone use the same password for different accounts? Well, on average, some people have around 200 passwords, which means it's very hard to remember all of them, especially if you're logging in constantly.

If you're one of those people with more than a hundred passwords, what can you do to remember them all without reusing most of them? Most people try keeping them short, for example your pet's name and "12345." Other people keep a written list of passwords in an insecure place on their desks or in an unencrypted folder on their computers. Trouble is, such practices expose you to cyber attacks that could be detrimental to your online presence.

The good news is that making a few simple changes to the way you manage your passwords can keep off unwanted attempts to access your data and breach your privacy. Password managers are the only tools you need to guarantee safe online use by simplifying the steps to creating strong passwords, storing them, and flagging weak passwords. And they're easier to use than you may think.

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